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The IoT brings internet connectivity, data processing, and analytics to the world of physical objects. In enterprise settings, IoT can bring the same efficiencies to manufacturing processes and distribution systems that the internet has long delivered to knowledge work.

Billions of embedded internet-enabled sensors worldwide provide an incredibly rich set of data that companies can use to improve the safety of their operations, track assets and reduce manual processes.

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Why do you need IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) aims to develop internet connectivity for daily-purpose devices that can efficiently send and receive data. IoT-based devices collect information successfully using data analytics, hence these devices can also share the information on the cloud.

Besides, IoT devices also analyze it in a secure context, thus aiding businesses to expand greatly. So there are many industries that are adopting the internet of things solution technology considering the future demand and to improve the current system as well.

What are the Benefits ?

With IoT solutions, mundane tasks can be done automatically, so employees can focus on more complex tasks that require personal skills, especially out-of-the-box thinking. But the benefit of IoT doesn’t stop there. Here are some of the benefits of IoT:

Marketing and Business Development

Helps enterprises by gathering large volumes of user-specific data employed for developing business strategies, targeted advertising, fine-tuning price policy, and other marketing and management activities.

Improved Customer Service

Improves customer service by facilitating follow-ups after sales, automatic tracking, the ending of warranty periods, etc.

Builds Trust

Makes a positive impression on customers, investors, and other business partners who are aware of the numerous advantages offered by the Internet of Things.

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Frequently asked questions

Industrial IoT or IIoT is used in the manufacturing industry. It is the application of IoT to industrial challenges.
IoT assists businesses to propose innovations that can drive improved business and personal outcomes. Implementing new solutions can save money and time, as well as improve safety and efficiency.

The workings of IoT happen in four steps:

  • Step 1: Collecting data from the real world.
  • Step 2: Analyzing that data (possibly adding other data sources).
  • Step 3: Producing an insight.
  • Step 4: Translating the insight into action that you can take to realize the experience in an outcome.
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What our Clients say

“They’re big contributors during our story grooming and design session. And they’re always very helpful and willing partners to their team members, making themselves available and really expressing a can-do attitude for getting the job done.”

Luke Baker
Manager SW Development, GHX
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“With VINGA’s help, GHX has successfully launched QA in the German market launched in the last year or two. And the project continues to go from strength to strength with outgrowing automation sweep.”
Daniel Tench
EU QA Manager, GHX
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“I think it’s just cool go into to a meeting with stakeholders and receive a very positive feedback there. And then they see more progress, so I really want to appreciate all the efforts that is going into from the VINGA team.”

Daniel Buchholz
Enterprise Architect bei, GHX Europe

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“I want to thank each and every one. I want to thank the leadership provided by the leadership team of VINGA. You guys have done really, really remarkable work.”

CJ Singh
Chief Technology Officer, GHX

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“We recently won an industrial award for this (Kiosk). It’s through an independent panel, a lot of comparisons, and all. It’s very remarkable that we won that award. So, thank you all for the effort on that.”

CJ Singh
Chief Technology Officer, GHX

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“The level at which this team is operating, the rigor, the engineering practices, the process thinking through is one of the best I have ever seen.”

CJ Singh
Chief Technology Officer, GHX

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“They are very humble, polite people and able to really accommodate any work pressures, any requirements. And their willingness to learn things is really great,”

Monika Josh
Team Lead, Product Development, GHX
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“VINGA Leadership team and the folks that we interact with on a day-to-day basis have helped us find good talent.”
Scott Woodrich
Sr Mgr, SW Development, GHX
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“I find that I have ideas, and they are great with expanding on that and even make me see things that I wouldn’t normally see.”

Holly Steed
Technical Product Manager, GHX
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“When a developer is building the software, and they understand that we understand the customer needs correctly, it always results in a much better, higher quality delivery. And that is what they (VINGA) do best.”
Juhi Jaiswal
VP Product Development, GHX
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“We have come a long way. We still have a long way to go. But I want to recognize each one of you for your hard work, your attitude this whole time, and especially the flexibility and willingness to work extra hard.”

Annie Leong
Technical Product Manager, GHX
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We help you harness the full power of IoT.

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