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Sector Expertise

With our industry centric approach we deliver bespoke IT solutions for every healthcare segment while addressing the HIPAA regulatory requirements.

Our Solutions

Mobile Application Development

We help healthcare providers to overcome the restriction of the traditional in-person interaction model and transition seamlessly to digital healthcare.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Patients no longer need to visit their Doctors for routine check-ups and can be checked effectively through a Virtual Clinic, equipped with RPM systems.

Electronic Health Records

EHR solutions streamlines interoperability, smarter care coordination and advanced decision support, transforming the approach to patient data management.

Custom Web Application Development

We offer customized web application solutions that lets you meet the needs of the patients/users.

AI Based

Our custom AI-based enterprise analytics solutions help unlock the value of unstructured clinical data by harnessing the combined power of ML and NLP.

IoT Solutions

Improve patient care and staff productivity by tracking the patient’s health and medical staff through the network of smart devices and sensors.

Patient Portal Development

Customize patient portals with features such as advanced patient authentication, appointment scheduling, lab report viewing and more.

Telemedicine Solution

We provide custom telemedicine software solutions ensuring it is compliant and built in with data encryption for mobile and web systems.

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    Why Choose Us?

    We understand the unique needs of the Healthcare Providers. And our expert team will listen to your needs and will actively work closely with you to design the perfect digital solution that compiles with the Healthcare Industry Standards.

    Our technicians have both consulting and service expertise that allows them to have a deep understanding of what is expected and how to deliver it.

    We are recognized globally for our work. And with a global clientele who keeps coming back to us for our service, you can be assured that your project is in capable hands.

    Technology Index

    Technology Index

    Case Study

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    Healthcare-Logistics Company Transfers Large Size Product
    EDI Automation in Pharmaceutical company
    How EDI Operation Team manages Conditional Segment

    Frequently Asked Questions

    In healthcare, managed services are a suite of IT services that are geared towards healthcare professionals which help in monitoring, managing and supporting all healthcare systems.
    An IT service provider helps in reducing the burden of day to day IT management and they help onboarding new technology services.
    The Managed IT service provider will perform an IT assessment to check your IT needs, they will also suggest IT improvements. If there is a necessity to move to new technology, they will help in the migration process.
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