Being an IT development company with more than a decade of experience, we guarantee high-quality software solutions delivered on time.

Sector Expertise

We have a wide spectrum of solutions to aid you in planning, managing, and running your business without any hassle.

Our Solutions

Enterprise Agile

We provide organizations with structures, processes, and practices that guarantee predictable outcomes over a short period.

Mainframe Modernization

Utilize our Mainframe Modernization to enhance your enterprise’s existing mainframe footprint in several aspects, including interface, code, performance, maintainability, and cost.

Enterprise Data Management

Build an organized system that collects, structures, analyzes, and visualizes large volumes of data within seconds.

Third-party Integration

Connect two or more apps that are built on an external platform to build integrations between apps.

Smart Contracts

Harness the power of our computer programs for automated transactions that are stored on a blockchain and run in response to meeting certain conditions.

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    Why Choose Us?

    Our experts are always willing to walk the extra mile to aid retailers to tackle their industry challenges using the latest technologies expertise and our end-to-end custom development services. 

    We have experience developing, testing, and integrating AI-based solutions for retail, predictive analytics, point-of-sale software, recommender systems, and many more. 

    We pride ourselves on the quality of the service we provide. Our test engineers are highly-skilled in all types of manual and automated testing of retail software solutions.

    Technology Index

    Technology Index

    Case Study

    Case Study On How EDI Operation Team manages Conditional Segment
    Healthcare-Logistics Company Transfers Large Size Product
    EDI Automation in Pharmaceutical company
    How EDI Operation Team manages Conditional Segment

    Our Insights

    Cloud computing

    Serverless Jobs — a New Paradigm in Cloud

    Cloud Computing Serverless Jobs — a New Paradigm in Cloud We may ask? Why do we call a new paradigm for the serverless job, everybody using Cloud Services nowadays and especially serverless functionalities? Here I’m gonna share my experience from one of my recent projects in cloud computing to conclude

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    Artificial Intelligence

    How has AI Helped in the Fight Against the Pandemic

    Artificial Intelligence How has AI Helped in the Fight Against the Pandemic As told to Parliament, India’s doctor-population ratio is now 1:834. But did you know it was 1:1456 in 2019 – 2020? So, how did India manage to turn things around? Especially during a global pandemic? Well, you might

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Software products, either custom-designed or out-of-the-box, that are used by a retail business for enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, customer relationship management, payments, etc.., are referred to as retail and eCommerce software solutions.

    Retail software development companies typically offer design, development, testing, integration, and legacy system modernization services. Make sure they also have strong expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, business intelligence, blockchain, robotic process automation, predictive analytics, etc.

    With the speedy and efficient retail point of sale system, you can keep track of accuracy issues regarding data, the number of items sold, the name of goods, inventory theft, shrinkage, wastage, as well as damage to items.

    A retail management system (RMS) is a modern Retail ERP system that combines many integrated software modules to run a Retail enterprise efficiently to achieve economies of scale, customer experience, employee experience, and profits.

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