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VINGA provides software solutions that aid banks and other fintech companies to automate business processes and provide them with a secure, regulatory-compliant, and scalable platform to run their business.

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A combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools increases an organization’s capability to deliver applications and services at a higher rate.


Provide organizations with structures, processes, and practices that promote the delivery of predictable outcomes over a short period.

Cyber Risk

A combination of IT Audit, Advanced Penetration Testing, and Vulnerability Management services that can identify any cyber-criminal attacks and report them to your team.

Enterprise Data Management

Ensure hassle-free management of complex data combined with predictive analytics and intelligent automation by building an organized system that collects, structures, analyzes and visualizes large volumes of data within seconds.

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    Why Choose Us?

    With over a decade of experience, we have created insurance underwriting, pension systems, ERPs, policy and claim management systems, and many more.

    Our experts also work closely with the clients to create a custom software solution that is tailored to assist your business needs.

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    Technology Index

    Case Study

    Case Study On How EDI Operation Team manages Conditional Segment
    Healthcare-Logistics Company Transfers Large Size Product
    EDI Automation in Pharmaceutical company
    How EDI Operation Team manages Conditional Segment

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Insurance solutions aid businesses with the management of communication with clients, processing of submissions, claims, and other insurance data, automation of routine tasks, and improving and accelerating paperwork.

    Our client’s privacy is our at most priority. We keep in mind all the parameters and standards while developing a software solution. We have an NDA signed at the beginning of the project that ensures no data will be leaked to any third parties. 
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