Supporting Government and Public Sector Organizations to meet the rise in the demand for digital services to stay “in the game” with the ever-changing economy. We focus in automation to increase work efficiency and cutting unnecessary costs, while improving citizen experience when it comes to public services.

Sector Expertise

We have a wide range of services and solutions to prepare for a technologically advanced, Citizen-centric era.

Our Solutions

Digital Transformation

Delivering Imperative Services with a citizen-centric Government approach
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Legacy Modernization

Delivering Imperative Services with a citizen-centric Government approach
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Cloud Migration

Supporting Government to drive cloud adoption and migration in a minimal time frame.
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Data Analytics & AI

Put data to work for the Government to tackle various problems, make better decisions to deliver citizen services
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Security Solutions

One stop solution to tackle data theft, protect and recover data and also efficiently prevent future cyber vulnerabilities.
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    Why Choose Us?

    Across the Globe, Governments have understood and accelerating digital transformation and IT modernization at all levels of government to better serve it citizens. From improving efficiences within the departments to building sophisticated smart cities and communities, Governments are making use of new technologies to increase agility, scale for operational resilience, and provide actionable insights.

    With 16 Years of experience working with various SMEs all over the world, SMI can be your ideal technology partner to enable seamless interactions between Goverrnment and citizens. Our unique advantage that differentiate us from our competitors is the innovative products and solutions we have developed from our R&D. We have comprehensive services and solutions to look no further for your digital transformation journey.

    Technology Index

    Technology Index

    Case Study

    Case Study On How EDI Operation Team manages Conditional Segment
    Healthcare-Logistics Company Transfers Large Size Product
    EDI Automation in Pharmaceutical company
    How EDI Operation Team manages Conditional Segment

    Our Insights

    Cloud computing

    Serverless Jobs — a New Paradigm in Cloud

    Cloud Computing Serverless Jobs — a New Paradigm in Cloud We may ask? Why do we call a new paradigm for the serverless job, everybody using Cloud Services nowadays and especially serverless functionalities? Here I’m gonna share my experience from one of my recent projects in cloud computing to conclude

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    Artificial Intelligence

    How has AI Helped in the Fight Against the Pandemic

    Artificial Intelligence How has AI Helped in the Fight Against the Pandemic As told to Parliament, India’s doctor-population ratio is now 1:834. But did you know it was 1:1456 in 2019 – 2020? So, how did India manage to turn things around? Especially during a global pandemic? Well, you might

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Information technology is used in capital planning, accounting, payroll, inventory management, and many more areas in the Government sector.

    Data Analytics cuts down infrastructure and operational costs by a great deal. Big Data analytics can also be used to respond to dangerous natural disasters, detect health issues, prevent water scarcity problems, and coordinate thousands of displaced people.

    Some of the benefits include:

    1. Improved productivity, 
    2. Quicker processing, 
    3. Streamlined data sharing, 
    4. Reduced employee turnover, 
    5. Reduced data entry errors, and 
    6. Reduced storage and printing expenses
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