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Infrastructure security is the practice of protecting critical systems and assets against physical and cyber threats. From an IT standpoint, this includes hardware and software assets such as end-user devices, data center resources, networking systems, and cloud resources.

Enterprises depend on their technology assets to maintain operations, hence protecting technology infrastructure is critical for any organization. Proprietary data and intellectual property (IP) provides many companies with significant competitive advantages in the market, and any loss of or disruption of access to this information can have profound negative impacts on a company’s reputation.

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Why do you need Infrastructure security?

Infrastructure security is critical for preventing damage to technology assets and data due to attacks, leaks, or disasters. It is also necessary for minimizing the amount of damage in the event of a successful attack or if a disaster occurs.

Infrastructure stands at the core of every business’s technology operations, and as such, infrastructure security is the lynchpin of their overall security strategy. It is perhaps easiest to think of infrastructure security as the master security plan for the organization, underpinning tactical strategies and everything else that is developed around it.

What are the Benefits ?

Network infrastructure security, when implemented well, provides several key benefits to a business’s network.

Improved Resource Sharing

Due to protection, resources on the network can be utilized by multiple users without threat, ultimately reducing the cost of operations.

Shared Site Licenses

Security ensures that site licenses would be cheaper than licensing every machine.
Users can securely share files across the internal network.

Secured Communications

Internal email and chat systems will be protected from prying eyes. User files and data are now protected from each other, compared with using machines that multiple users share.

Data Protection
Data back-up to local servers is simple and secure, protecting vital intellectual property.
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Frequently asked questions

The aim of infrastructure security is to prevent vulnerabilities in the events of sabotage, intrusion, and disruptions.
There are three levels of infrastructure security, such as network level, host level, application level, and data level.
Threats such as hackers and malicious applications that attack and attempt to gain control over the routing infrastructure are considered to be infrastructure threats.
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