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Identity and access management (IAM) is a framework of business processes, policies, and technologies that facilitates the management of electronic or digital identities. With an IAM framework in place, information technology (IT) managers can control user access to critical information within their organizations.

Systems used for IAM include single sign-on systems, two-factor authentication, multifactor authentication, and privileged access management. These technologies also grant the ability to securely store identity and profile data as well as data governance functions to ensure that only data that is necessary and relevant is shared.

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Why do you need Identity & Access Management?
Business leaders and IT departments are under increased regulatory and organizational pressure to protect access to corporate resources. Hence, they can no longer rely on manual and error-prone processes to assign and track user privileges. IAM automates these tasks and enables granular access control and auditing of all corporate assets on-premises and in the cloud.

What are the Benefits ?

There is a multitude of benefits relating to IAM solutions for business. Below are a few points that make this solution important

Saves time

IAM allows for a seamless continuation of work. A business can easily begin establishing application processes, user approval, and access customization according to their needs.

Better security

Provides better security through careful control over access rights related to user accounts and applications by integration of authentication systems and monitoring the rights for each user.

Saves Money
Due to IAM’s security, you will likely be able to avoid any damaging pitfalls that may be bestowed upon you if a colleague should either: commit fraud, be non-compliant, or violate regulations.
Simplicity Across All Areas
Reduces the time and steps required to register users and access allows for a more direct workflow.
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technologies in focus

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Frequently asked questions

Every account is provisioned with a single user: the default administrator, and a single group: Administrators. This group (Administrators) has full access to the account. This special user (default administrator) must create any additional users, or grant permission to other users to create new users.

Yes. Your account is provisioned with a single default administrator who belongs to an Administrators group within your root compartment.

Instead of being uniquely associated with one person, a role is intended to be assumable by anyone who needs it. An IAM user can assume a role to temporarily take on different permissions for a specific task. A role can be assigned to a federated user who signs in by using an external identity provider instead of IAM.

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